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If you are the one who often don't know when your period is gonna show up and if you would like to save money on your last days when the flow is not so big ,you definitely need this panty . With clever design from top back waist to top front waist , it will keep you clean, dry and comfy all day and provide that extra protection and support overnight. This style is a must for those in serious pelvic floor training or for overnight protection from periods to keep your sheets stain free ! It can absorb up to 2-3 tampons' worth of liquid ,great panty for women and incontinence sufferers.Women with medium or even big flow will not need to use pads during their period .Sanitary pads are not recommended by doctors when there's a better option like this period panty. We can print your logo onto the panty for quantity reaching 1000 pcs ,logo can be on the front or back or inside with the wash care layout .